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"It's like having gentle guidance and support from me every day for an entire year."
- Laurie Adelman

I am the author of Don’t Call Me Shy and I was a featured guest on The Today Show. I receive daily feedback from shy adults and parents of shy children telling me about ways that my techniques have helped them.

For the past 2 years I have been coaching shy children and shy adults using my Don’t Call Me Shy method. Here’s what some of my clients said before and after coaching:

12-year-old Brendon said
Before:  “I used to feel like a turtle carrying a big problem of shyness on my back.”
After:  “Now I feel much less stressed out and free.”  

41-year-old Sarah said
Before:  “I used to feel awkward and I was so hard on myself.”
After:   “Now I am my own best friend.”

Mother of 10-year-old Ashley said
Before:  “It always made my child cry when I kept telling her to talk. That only made her act even more shy.”
After:  “Now I know how to speak to my child in ways that encourage her without pressure.”

8-year-old Taylor said
Before:  “I used to feel invisible.”
After:  “Now I have a new friend at school.”

17-year-old Trish said
Before:  “I used to get all red in the face when people looked at me and I’d forget what I wanted to say.”
After:  “Now I can talk to people without getting so nervous.”

29-year-old Sydney said
Before:  People used to mistake my shyness for being rude.”
After:  “Now I’m able to smile at people more easily.”

35-year-old Matt said
Before:  “I thought that something was really wrong with me. I didn’t think anybody understood me, but Laurie does. She used to be the same way.”
After:  “I’ve learned to believe in myself.”

36-year-old Liz said
Before:  “I used to beat myself up for my social mistakes which only made them worse.”
After:  “Now I’m easier on myself and a lot calmer.”

21-year-old Hilary said
Before: “I used to get frozen with fear and anxiety.”
After:  “Now I know how to relax myself with a way of breathing that Laurie taught me.”

68-year-old Barbara said
Before:  “My shyness used to stop me from being me.”
After:  “For the first time in my life I can show more of my true self and who I am.”

If you are shy, or have a shy child, you can probably identify with at least one of these “before” descriptions - probably more than one!

Have you just come to accept that shy is all you can be and you give up?

Has your shy child decided it’s just easier not to try?

From childhood through much of high school, I described myself with many of the “before” descriptions too. Deep down, I knew that I wasn’t really being myself. I sensed that there was more to me – but something held me back.  After a high school teacher called me shy in front of my entire class (and everyone stared at me and laughed), I decided that I was absolutely miserable and tired of feeling this way.

Over a period of 25 years I read everything ever written about social anxiety and shyness. I spoke to hundreds of parents of shy children, teachers, shy children and shy adults. What I learned over and over again is that the common denominator of all shy people – no matter our background or age,… the BELIEF that shy is the only way we can behave.

Once I started to believe that I was more than just shy it changed everything for me!

There is a simple truth about being shy that will change your life too. I want every shy child and shy adult to understand that you do not have to continue to feel this way. You can progress once you understand that you must first change your beliefs about yourselves before you can change your behavior.

The change that I witness in the people that I coach is incredible because I am able to take them through the process, week by week and month by month.
While people experience great results after reading my book, there is nothing that compares to me setting out a schedule and making sure that people follow it -  and actually do what they need to do.

When I coach someone, I gently guide them and I give them encouragement all the way.

As a result, they take the steps slowly and they learn to believe in themselves which leads them to develop a sense of social comfort that they never had before.
That is why I am writing to you today – to help you the same way that I help the children and adults who I coach………

By keeping you on a monthly schedule of “To Dos,” I make you accountable for your actions. It is so easy to avoid doing something that you may know is good for you but you don’t want to do. When you know you are getting another newsletter next month, you will be motivated to keep up.

Because the demand for my coaching is greater than I’m able to fill, and new coaching clients have to wait months until I have an available opening, I’m offering Your Year To Shine; a series of 12 monthly newsletters that you receive each month for an entire year. Your Year To Shine makes my coaching techniques immediately available to everyone who wants them.

No matter when you start, it’s always possible to change your beliefs and habits. I have clients of mine ranging in age from 4-69 years old who go through a wonderful transformation and become more socially comfortable  – it’s never too late (or too early) to change beliefs and social ability, with a genuine appreciation for who you are.

                  Your Year To Shine is written for shy adults and shy children.

         If you are a shy adult, my guide will help you gently help yourself.

Because parents are the primary teachers of children, this guide will teach you how to help your child.

I will work on techniques that shy adults and shy children can use every day to help them stop thinking like a shy person.  Stop feeling that where you are today is all that you are capable. As my clients have found, you will be amazed at your progress – and the improvement in your outlook on life.

In each monthly Your Year To Shine newsletter I gently, step-by-step guide shy adults and parents of shy children through 12 lessons that help you take the steps you need to live a more fulfilling, socially comfortable life.

In Your Year To Shine, I give shy adults and shy children month-by-month guidance this year – and for the rest of your life.

For $39.95 (a price that is far less than one 30-minute coaching session)you will receive 12 issues of Your Year to Shine sent directly to your e-mail every month.

Aren’t you ready to put aside some time and effort this year to become more socially comfortable?

To help your child become more socially comfortable?

Aren’t you ready to uncover the genuine you that lies beneath your cover of shyness?

To help your child discover their genuine self that lies beneath their cover of shyness?

A change in attitude, the way of thinking about yourself - and a growth of confidence and self-esteem can be yours…and a shy child's.

and I will be with you
   one step,
      one day,
         one month at a time!

I want to help you this year! 

Warmest Regards,

Laurie Adelman

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Social comfort can be your reality
    Laurie Adelman is on a mission so that each and every shy child and adult comes to shine in their own special way – given the opportunity to achieve a level of social comfort that they can be proud of!
Laurie Adelman
B.S.N., M.S. Family Health/Health Education
The author
    Laurie Adelman is a nurse and health educator, a shyness life coach, and a child advocate who is passionately devoted to teaching parents and teachers how to interact with shy children in a way which brings out the child’s social best.
Note: These techniques bring out the social best in shy adults too!
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September 1, 2007